Thursday, December 31, 2009


I forgot to rotate this picture, but I had to put it on here. We had trouble getting the star to stay on straight, but Brice used scotch tape to fix it.
Tiff & Jacob

Brice & Rindy

Daddy got a new TV for Xmas

Brice striking a pose!

Oh No! Another Papa in the making!

My Lindsey is 18 years old! Where did the time go?

Brice was very excited here! I know he is 16 years old, but I still see that sweet little baby boy!

My Hannah age 13 and looking way to grown!

Jacob age 6 look at that cutie!

And last but certainly not least Ella age 4 the littlest, but she made me so proud this year with her new baby "Casey" although Tiff insisted she change the name. I am so proud that she loves everyone no matter what! Big things really do come in small packages.

Tiff & Jacob with his cool new helmet from Aunt Tiff.

Papa & Hannah

We even had a visit from "Tinkerbell."

Rindy won the card contest again this year. Two years in a row I am thinking she has rigged the competition. Sarah and Billy won in their respective catergories. Maybe I will have a shot next year. That is always and will always be other than being with family my favorite part of Christmas. ( Starting to sound a little like Daddy, there oh well don't really have a fighting chance I already look like him!)

Me and My Lindsey love her new glasses! I did miss Dan, but they are together now on a ski trip with his entire family!

Aunt Tiff and her Lindsey

Look how big they all are getting!

Everyone decided they needed to break in Ella's new crown. It got a little hectic and I forgot to get the rest of the family, but here is Lindsey



This Christmas I am so thankful that my entire family got to come home for Christmas. I think it was extra special to spend Granny's 85th Christmas with her. What an amazing woman and the highlight is always getting together for dinner with her and her entire family. We had a good turnout I meant to count, but was not feeling good. I have a feeling she did count though that little cutie. I had such a good visit with her on the way to Daddy's. I hope I am half as cool as she is at 85. I hope everyone had a great holiday season.


The boys, girls and I went to visit and say "Merry Christmas" to Grandma, Grandpa and Harry. The boys did great and are loving them as much as Cup & Muf do. They got toys and Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Jim gave Tiff and I the nicest gifts. I am so thankful for them.


7 stockings this year: Tara, Muf, Cup, Matt, Quigley, Butter & Tiff. Happy 1st Xmas Quigley with the family!
He came!!!

Muf would have been happy with just this. The girl loves her blue bone.

Checking out their toys from Santa

Tiff and all the dogs. Quiggles kept his distance when he saw the camera.

Butter and his rawhide

Checking out their stockings

Me and My Muf

Tiff got Cup a Tiffany Box toy

Muf held back with me there was too much going on for her.

Tiff got a new adoption shirt isn't it awesome!

Cup put all her toys in Butter's bed and then sat on them.

Me and My Girls

Tiff and the Girls in their PJ's

Muf my little "Candy Cane" cutie

Cup in her sweater

Tiff and Matt did alot of baking. Here they are with one of our snacks on Xmas Day Veggie pizza.

Cinnamon Butter Braid (YUMMY!)

I will say this Xmas I am thankful for my family and those sweet little puppies they made my Christmas. I am so thankful that Tiff and her family got to spend Christmas with me.


Tiff, Butter & Quigley came a few days before Xmas. It was Quigley's first visit to see Aunt Tara and I believe he would have stayed if Tiff would have let him. It was so great to spend time with them even though I was sick. Quigley slumber partied with me and the girls his last night here and didn't move a muscle however snores as loud as his mother. I am so glad I got to see the boys. They had to come very far and many miles for this Xmas.


I noticed this book on some of my favorite blog sites called "Elf on the Shelf" I thought it was a cute title and have heard it has a good message. I love children's books and thought I have to have this book, but with all the hustle and bustle I just didn't get back to Bowling Green to get it.
I got down the girls Xmas toys and they both were very partial to these elves. (1st clue) I went into my bedroom before work and Cup had sat her elf on the shelf (window sill) (2nd clue). I went to work and was talking with my very good friend Marlow and he told me he needed to go get some books and that the best children's book was "A Tale of the Trees." I told him I would have to get that along with the book and told him about all the things that kept happening around my house with a little elf.(third clue) I got home from work the next day and had been opening some Xmas cards and got one from my friend Darla and there was this little note thanking me for the gift card I had sent Liam and Nadia for there birthdays a few weeks ago. And that's right you guessed it one of the books she got was "Elf on the Shelf." (fourth clue) So needless to say I have got to get and read "Elf on the Shelf" I have a feeling it is just what I need to hear and my goal for the New Year.


Tiff in her shirt
Floral Cross

Striped Cross

Polka Dot Cross

We got the first batch of shirts sold very quickly. I have taken more orders and have ordered the shirts so hopefully they will be here soon so I can get Whitney to finish everyone's orders. I have to start off small, but I know this miracle can happen. I will try to get these on the side bar of the blog.