Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Full Basket

Muf saying "Oh know what is Cup into now!"
Cup loves a basket more than anything!

It's a tough job being me!

My Muf needs a spa day!

I usually don't have to worry about what the girls are doing because they are usually at my feet. When there is trouble I hear Cup gallop like a stallion across the hardwood floors and make a quick dash under my bed and Muf comes to tell me there is trouble. But this morning I had my Muf, but couldn't find Cup and walked by her twice before I saw her in the toy basket. I had to laugh and get the camera real quick to snap her picture. It's the simple things in life that bring so much joy. I love them so much!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010



I LOVE my Muffin Moore

Oh No Cup Blinked!!!

Muf was very excited and started breaking in her new toy.

Cup was too she kept rolling around and tossing her new friend.

Sisters and Best Friends

I would say Valentine's Day is not quite my favorite holiday. But I have a puppy named Cupcake so some time of participation is required. Last week I saw these toys but decided against them trying to control expenses so I can raise money for my adoption. When I left work today I saw them and they were the last two left and thought they must come home and live with there new friends Cup and Muf.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Can you Believe how much snow we got.....
Blanket of snow.....It was so deep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muf was not very excited the first day, but got used to it eventually

Ready to go out in the snow

Checking out what is going on. I shoveled us out a path it helped out some.

I can't remember when we ever got this much snow. It was very good packed down kind snow. The snow was up higher than Cup and Muf so I had to dig us out a path. Tiff and Matt got more ice where we got the snow. It was very challenging at work we had very little help, but we survived. I was just thankful to make it safely through this snow since last year wasn't very successful.