Monday, May 31, 2010

Adoption Yard Sale

I am so excited to have a fundraiser this Saturday June 5th at my house. I am truly blessed to have a HUGE room and a half of donations. I pray it is a big success and that we have good weather it has been a little crazy weather wise. I am so blessed to have many friends and family to have made donations. It is so sweet to have everyone donate to bring me closer on this Adoption Journey. Kennedy gave me $10.00 from her piggy bank. Isn't that the sweetest thing. I heard Gwen Oatsvall's Family say, " God funds what he favors." I truly believe that with all my heart and I just truly believe the road may be long and hard, but it will so be worth it when I see that precious baby. I am gonna pray for a good turnout and good weather cross your fingers and say a prayer too.

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