Thursday, April 8, 2010


Usually, when people refer to "March Madness" they mean basketball, but for me March was very hectic, very full of emotions and very rewarding. It is very hectic at work and very trying I have alot of responsiblity and sometimes take on too much. That is just my nature, but I am trying to leave it at the door. I am hoping I can really do that sooner than later. March is always very challenging for me because some of the most important people to me have birthdays. We celebrated Jacob turning 7, Ella turning 5, Aunt Di's birthday, and Granny turning 86. We of course all gathered at the Community Center and had a very delicious meal and cake. There was an excellent turnout 50 people. What a special lady she is to so many. Truly I enjoy her so much she is so much fun. Tiff, Butter, and Quigley made the Road Trip for Granny's party in her van. Yes, that is not a typo my sister is a minivan owner. She, Matt and the dogs love it. Cup and Muf even got to ride in it to Aunt Rindy's for a dinner.
I got to spend my Easter with Granny we went to Church and then had a very nice lunch. I came back before Daddy's and became a big girl and am mowing my own yard. I am saving every penny I can so I can get my adoption fund growing. I have really been thinking and doing alot of praying not sure where God will lead me just know that He knows where. He knows how badly my heart aches to be a Mommy. I am still fundraising I need to come up with a short sleeved shirt. And, hope to in June have a Yard Sale everyone is cleaning out stuff and sending it my way. I am humbled and appreciate it. Brice even donated some jerseys and xbox games how sweet is that. He asked me if I was getting a girl or a boy. I said probably a girl he said he really wants a boy for our family. Maybe I will go twice or will I get the twins I always wanted?
Although I am happy to see Spring come it is always a hard time of year its my Mom's birthday and when she passed away so I am always feeling all sorts of kind a ways. I hope she would be proud of Tiff and I because I am and will forever be grateful to her for showing what true and unconditional love truly is all about. I am reminded of her often and not a day goes by that I don't think I was so blessed to have her as my mother.

Cup & Lindsey

Brice & Butter
Muf & Todd

Muf & Lindsey

Tiff & Butter: Quigley was there but he doesn't like
his picture made!!!

Happy Birthday Granny

Is she not the cutest thing?

Me & Hannah

The cutest dogs in the WORLD

Quigly & Me (with the death grip)

Me & Butter (Excuse me I had been sick, but I had
to get pictures with the boys)

The Easter Bunny came for Puppies now if only they could
go to church. They really want to go!!!

Checking out the loot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of Course Cup took all the toys maybe I should
take this opportunity to teach sharing?

Yea!! Muf finally got a turn!!!

Easter at Daddy's
We had a nice time even though Tiff's Family and Billy's Family couldn't make it. I am starting to sound like Daddy wishing everyone could just get together and have a nice meal. He hid eggs and the big kids and Daddy's new puppies and dogs helped out.

Lindsey Anne isn't she beautiful?

Daddy's puppy we have named Chub he is huge!

Ethel wanted her picture. Look at her striking a pose, she
so has Daddy wrapped around her finger.

This is Sir King Charles

Rachel, Dan, Lindsey, Loren and Brice
Easter 2010

Dan & Lindsey

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